About Us

In 1982, to address the need of Raw Materials Transportation requested by industries and trading companies, we became motivated to utilize the whole and advanced possibilities of the international freight services in other to fulfill this vital  need. Therefore, RahavardINT’L transport CO.  as an exclusive agent for DHL GLOBAL FORWARDING was established in Tehran, Iran under registration no.49559.

As an exclusive agent of DHL Global Forwarding, Rahavard’smission emphasizes of the same as DHL does. Therefore, Rahavard makes a positive contribution to the lives of its clients by simplifying deliveries. To do so, Rahavard as the agent of the logistic company for the world, offers a wide range of logistic solutions to form the backbone of trade, ensuring that whatever needs to be delivered, gets delivered. A shipment placed in our trust may include life-saving medicines, or a birthday present from a friend, or hold a company’s entire existence in the form of a prototype. We not only deliver parcels and packages, and make sure containers arrive at ports: we deliver prosperity, we transport health, we power growth, and we deliver joy. Every day we connect people, improving their lives.