Our Logistics Division
We have built our logistic division back on late 2003, providing fundamental services such as warehousing and distribution to Ericsson Company which later developed to turn to one of the major key projects of our country called “MTN-Irancell”. Solely in 2008, we have moved 6417 trucks ranging from van to flat bed, feeding telecom sites throughout Iran and had 7 warehouses in main cities with the area of total 50,000 sq. The  success is continuing as we expended to one of the leading logistics and supply chain management as we have served all major players in telecom sector from Siemens, Huawei, ZTE. In today’s highly competitive, ever changing world, we provide solutions that will effectively work for you, simple yet productive and profitable. This will allow you to focus on your core business which will lead to more profit for your company. Our vision offer experience and state-of-the-art knowledge to key industrial and economic sectors of Iranian fast growing market.