What is transit?
Transit means the transfer of non-customs goods under customs supervision from one customs to another. Transit is a cost-effective choice for countries that are incapable of producing some goods.
-Internal transit:
Domestic transit is the transportation of non-customs goods from an authorized customs office in the country to another customs office in the country. Iran Customs is allowed to collect the relevant costs (transportation) from the owners of the goods at the time of clearance of the goods in the necessary conditions when the goods in the border customs are transported to the domestic customs in the order of administrative transit. This law is applicable to all goods that have been transported through the said road since September 1980.
Internal transit is also called Pasavan. In the past, internal transit was done with a bank guarantee or an escort officer, but now this is done with the transit plan insurance policy.
-External transit:
Foreign transit is for sending goods from one country to another through the territory of Iran. Foreign transit means that foreign goods enter and leave another border customs in order to cross the Iranian route. Goods that pass through the country under the name of transit, pass under the procedure of import (foreign transit) and are exempt from customs duties, commercial interest and duties, but are subject to customs duties and will be subject to the provisions of this article unless in government transit contracts with Other countries or contracts for transit goods shall be subject to the same provisions as those contained in the relevant contracts.
-Rail transit:
Rail transit is the transportation of goods and high-volume goods by freight trains via rail lines. Only some provinces of the country have rail lines, which makes rail transportation between these provinces possible, since Building railways is very costly, but rail transit is much more economical than other methods of inter-provincial or land-based transportation. Like Iran’s routes to Russia, Central Asia and other landlocked areas.
-Air transit:
One of the most important economic issues of any country that is done by air is called air transit. One of the most important goods that are exported by air to different parts of the world is agricultural products, because the useful time and quality maintenance of many agricultural products is very low and some products usually spoil several days after production. Therefore, in the export of such products and similar items (meaning the same expiration date) they must be shipped in the shortest possible time, which is possible only by air, especially in the international sector. Air transit or so-called air transportation is the best way for expensive goods, shipments that must be delivered to the recipient of the goods or reach the destination quickly.